North East Kingdom Pulling Association
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NEKPA Rules that are used to govern pulls:
The Draft Horse's are pulled under the Eastern Draft Horse Association rules.  The Draft Ponies are pulled under the New England Draft Pony Association rules.  The Miniature Horse's are pulled under the North East Miniature Horse Association rules.  We reserve the right to apply any and all rules accordingly with the freedom to do what is responsible, safe and moral for the animal, spectator's and members.  Judges decision is final!
All Draft Horses and Draft Ponies are to be weighed on a loose line.

Measuring Miniature Horses:
The Miniature Horse must stand in a natural position on the ground.  They will be measured from the ground to the beginning of the mane at the neck.  No exemptions shall apply.  Measuring committee will allow for shoes.

Measuring Draft Ponies:
New Measuring Rules from NEDPA 
1. Pony to be measured with 60inch H stick to be adjusted for shoes.
2. 30 x 60 box will be used with a line drawn 20 inches from the front of the box.
3. Ponies will be measured standing with both front feet in front of the 20 inch line.
4. Ponies will be measured from the high point to the ground. 

5. Measuring committee member will hold pony with head above knees.
6. No voice commands, snapping fingers, stomping feet, or any other noises from the owner and spectators.
7. Committee members may inspect pony for soundness and pony found unsound can't be measured for that day.
8. All ponies must be 5 years old with a full mouth to be measured officially.  A pony will be measured for life when it has been officially measured for two consecutive years.
9. No ponies will be measured under the influence of drugs, measuring committee reserve the right to have a veterinarian inspect and/or test any pony that is to be measured.
10. Any fighting or arguing with committee members will result in no measure for that day and count as 1 measure day.
11. Ponies can be measured 2x a say 3 times a year, Pony must leave pad between measuring.
12. There will be a 3 min time limit starting when pony enters box.
13. Ponies will measure with halter or bridle.
14. Ponies must be measured in plain view of measuring committee and spectators no trailer or confined spaces.
15. There will be 3 official measuring sticks.
16. There will be 6 official measuring days a year, Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the round-up. 1 day in April to be announced yearly in Connecticut, Mother's Day in NEK, 1 spring measure day to be announced yearly at Larry Gould's.  Anyone wishing to measure a pony at a fair or club pull must contact a measuring committee member 3 days in advance, that committee member will contact all other measure committee members.
17. Must be 2 Measure committee members present for a measure.
18. Ponies with Lifetime or 2012 measure cards will be grandfathered.
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